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2 oz. bottle Regular Retail Price: $37.50  Discount Member Price: $30.00

OxyQuest has been used by hundreds of thousands of people for over 30 years with no contra-indication or side effects. It is the answer to oxygen starvation and is specially developed for people leading today’s sedentary lifestyles and with a depletion of the oxygen content in the air.

OxyQuest: Features and Advantages
• It is the only oxygen supplement in liquid form on the market that is stable. It will not dissipate over time.
• It is highly concentrated with oxygen molecules. It contains 12,000 ppm oxygen molecules which means 1,000 times more oxygen than in an equal volume of tap water.
• It is alkaline-based as it contains only negatively charged oxygen electrolytes that help to neutralize the acidity in our bodies.
• It is non-toxic as it has negatively charged oxygen ions that will not create free radical activity.

Benefits of OxyQuest
Research has shown that taking OxyQuest will benefit users in the following ways:

• Strengthened Immune System
• Increased Respiratory Efficiency
• Toxin Elimination
• Increased Energy Levels
• Enhanced Utilization of Nutrients
• Improved Mental Alertness
• Balanced pH…and more!

Oxygen deficiency is the single greatest cause of all diseases according to Dr. Steven Levine. Dr. Otto Warburg (2 time winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine) reported that the prime cause of cancer is lack of oxygen in the cells. Many scientists are now examining the role oxygen starvation plays in the development of diseases.